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Today, more than ever, MALAIN affirms its unique identity, a place where Mary GARCIA strives to reveal every woman while sharing her Fashion expertise.

MEN Room

Malain Barber Club 

Whatever your choice, The MALAIN Barber Club guarantees an expertise that combines know-how and modernity in a warm atmosphere. Everything is put in place so that you feel good.



Hair under the soul of the razor

This cutting technique is based on an ancestral support. It is done with a razor (full blade)
Its benefits:
restores volume and shine to hair
regulates hair loss
regulates hair seborhea (greasy hair)
calms eczema and helps eliminate dandruff
stimulates blood circulation
harmonizes energy in the body……

Enjoy the energetik cut every day …………………………….. Ritual (02:00 time)

Booker your full moon evening. (Scissors) Ritual (01:30 Time)

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