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The hair, the thread of the soul.

I propose a new approach to hairdressing by the VIBRATORICAL ENERGETIC CUP. I trained in the Method of Emotional Unlocking by Resonance Sound and Touch Vibrations.
Emotional release helps to locate the dissonances that cause the various disorders to re-grant them: because emotional disorders are the cause of 85% of « somatic » problems and the body is composed of more than 70% water, « sound » is the best way to act naturally on cellular matter.
The sound, through the ear, the voice and the touch, will resonate throughout the body thanks to the water it contains, from the sacrum to the skull, along the spine.
Through this process called « bio-cymatics », the whole body will re-tune, note by note, emotion by emotion.
As the sound goes on, I’m going to cut my hair.
I consider the body as a musical instrument, hair the strings and my razor the bow that will emit another vibration that will pass through the scales of the hair and enter the body also, straighten the muscle, stimulate the papilla and blood circulation, make contact with the cortex, the two lobes of the brain and the inner ears. The vibration descends all the way down the spine through the cephalorachidian fluid.
This allows a re-harmonization of vital energy and the body can eventually release cellular memories.
Resonance works to free tempts, pains, fears, stresses, angers, shames… faster and deeper.
These effects will also amplify the quality of the hair with lasting and sometimes instantaneous benefits: reduction or stop falls, increased density, thickness, root volume, shine, strengthened scalp, breathable and energized.
The cut is preceded by a shampoo and a massage treatment shiatsu cranial relaxation then a drying to finish

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Simone Ackerman
San Francisco


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